Lebron James success

Lebron James success.

After his five fantastic seasons at high school Lebron got an offer to NBA Draft. Then he drafted Cleveland Cavaliers. He signed a contract about 20 milions dolars. In NBA also he was playing fantastic.

LeBron has a great success not only in basketball but also outside the court. Lebron have wonderful wife and two sons. He is very good at business. Also James has his own charity organization.

During Lebron career he earned about 900 milions dollars . He has 12 houses in different states in USA, many cars, 3 sports shops. And many other stuff.

I think that Lebron James has created fantastic life , he just enjoying his life, but popular life has its own minus. Lebron James is always around paparazzi and other people, who tries to get an autograph so he can not show bad behavior because other people may blame he for a long time.

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