RLC circuit analysis

RLC circuit analysis.

Connect the voltmeter and measure voltage of the power supply, resistor R8 and capacitor C2. Write down their values:Power supply voltageU =8.81VVoltage of the resistor R8 UR =6.92VVoltage of capacitor C2 UC=4.95VAre your measurements coincides with the calculations?

Because we use reactive resistance in the calculations.Draw the circuits voltage and resistance vector diagrams.

Research object series connected capacitor C4 (C4 = 0.1μF), inductive coil L3 (L3 = 10 mH) and a resistor R13 (R13 = 330 Ω), which are installed in the module KL - 3001 block i. Circuit will be connected to the alternating voltage generator. Investigations will be carried by changing the frequency of the alternating voltage.

Select Module KL-13001 block I (Figure 4.3).Measure and write down the resistors R13 and the inductive coils active resistance:

Assemble the circuit shown in figures 4.8 and 4.9. Function Generator output voltage (V) and the circuits current (I) measure with the voltmete rand ammeter, located in the main block.

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