A new rite of passage in emigration

A new rite of passage in emigration.

Irregular emigration is the basic problem in Lithuania. Another most crucial problem of emigration is the loss of young people. Despite the problem of emigration, Lithuania also needs to face a particularly threatening problem of ‘brain drain’. High cost of studies in Lithuania is encouraging young people out from Lithuanian universities. Lack of opportunities for personal self-realization in Lithuania.

The upsurge of emigration from Lithuania is enormous. Intensive emigration from Lithuania causes a number of problems to the state and has a direct impact on its economic and social development. The basic problems caused by emigration are a decrease in the absolute number of the population, deformation of the age structure, workforce shortage, the threat of the loss of national identity, the social consequences of migration, especially in respect of families and children, brain drain, human trafficking irregular migration.

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  • A new rite of passage in emigration
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