The Loreal group company

The Loreal group company.

In 2013 it has reached record sales of $25.89 billion for the year.

Advantages: we have variety of different brands of cosmetics which also are suited for economy and luxury class. our company creates cosmetic which is tested by qualified dermatologists and safe to use. we do not concentrate just into the women’s needs, but into men’s too. Disadvantage: we sell our products mostly to bigger countries and smaller countries in Asia or Africa are unable to buy our products yet.

To expand our production more to the East and the South. to meet the expectations of women and men of all generations.

L’Oreal is a strong and effectively working company. We try to learn from our mistakes. Our mission is to give confidence to women and men about their looks all around the world. Developing new products and improving old ones shows, that we care a lot about customers, and we are trying to meet all their expectations.

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