Logistics manager

Logistics manager.

Logistics manager job depends on the chosen specialization: logistics or sales logistics. Logistics Manager plans, organizes and carries goods and materials storage, transport and distribution, customer service. Performs the company's orders, organize the company's operations, the flow of goods, sale, transport, storage. Examines the market determines the demand for and supply level, analyze the competition, pricing policy. Plan the services, consists of work schedule, vehicle routes.

Prepares financial performance reports, maintained documentation by the institution, summarizes performance. Works with computers and other office equipment. Logistics manager working in production and trade, warehouses and terminals, automotive, rail, sea, air transport companies, provide expedition services.

This summer I was able to find a job according to my specialty. I worked in Klaipeda Ship Terminal "International logistics center” logistics manager. The work has been mild, but very responsible. By using the Microsoft Word program, enter data into computer, and compared with port data. I was very pleased not only my but also my colleague activities. They ride in the terminal collected the documents, met with drivers, cleared by customs goods .

I saw and negative sides of the logistics manager profession.

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