Forms of Government

The structure of my presentation. Most popular anarchist currents. Ecoanarchism or Green. Ecofeminism describes movements and philosophies that link feminism with ecology. Libertarian socialism. Autocracy means the. Depending on the features, autocracy has the following branches. Monarchic head of state is the monarch. Types of monarchy. Types of oligarchy. Types of republic. State forms of classification by socio economic policies. Fascism is a. Communism is a. Socialism is a.

Some scientists say that the Greek civilization lasted so long, that had the opportunity to try out almost all forms of government.

What are those forms of government; state forms of classification according to the center of power;

Form of government - a system in place to manage the state.

Autocracy means the management of the power is concentrated in one person (often representing a larger group) and in the hands of its control over the other institutions.

Depending on the features, autocracy has the following branches:.

Authoritarianism Dictatorship Totalitarianism Despotism The military junta Kleptocracy.

The absolute monarchy The constitutional monarchy Hereditary monarchy Elective monarchy.

The Federal republic The Islamic republic The Socialist republic The Soviet republic Parliamentary system Presidential system.

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