Conflict in the Middle East The possible outcome

Conflict in the Middle East The possible outcome.

All the previous wars that world has had were harsh, cruel, unnecessary but overall, opponents knew what they are fighting for, and what they are fighting against. Syria’s War is completely mess both in militaristic and moral ways. As the conflict still is blazing, there are three major sides with handful of countries, fighting the war, which started as a civil one. The most recent countries that joined the fight are USA and Russians. Americans were only partaking in war by supporting and training rebels, bus since it was claimed that Assad used a weapon of a chemical warfare Donald Trump decided to intervene by calling a missile strike on one of Syria’s airbases.  However, in 2015, Russia's Federation Council unanimously granted the request by President of Russia Vladimir Putin to permit the use of the Russian Armed Forces in Syria.

As for direct war in Syria, it is completely a mess. Daesh, or ISIS, is mostly fighting not Assad but other rebels and Kurds. USA, besides bombing Assad and his supporters, steps in a fight with ISIS. USA, as mentioned before, were training and equipping rebels, but they are now supposed to fight ISIS, not Assad. Turkey, on the other hand, is not making airstrikes on ISIS – they are instead bombing Kurds, whose are fighting ISIS. This is where major problem comes up – USA is fighting ISIS, but its ally – Turkey – has other priorities in that region. Russia, despite having bad image formed by media, is bombing both ISIS and anti-Assad rebels. And now, USA has bombed airports, which, as stated, were used to strike with chemical weapons.

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  • Conflict in the Middle East The possible outcome
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