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World. Vision. International. When? who? why? Impact. Million children were sponsored in 56 countries. Approaches. Child Participation Child Protection Child. Where they work. Afghanistan Albania Angola Armenia Australia Austria Bangladesh Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Burundi Cambodia Canada Chad Chile China Colombia Congo. Film. Questions. How much years.

Million children were sponsored in 56 countries. 4.6 million people gained access to clean water in 36 countries. 130 humanitarian emergencies were responded to across 63 countries. 183,865 acutely malnourished children were treated in 16 countries. 9.5 million people received food assistance in 39 countries. $401 million USD provided in humanitarian aid.

Laos Lebanon Lesotho Malawi Malaysia Mali Mauritania Sierra Leone Singapore Solomon Islands Somalia El Salvador South Africa Sudan Swaziland Switzerland Kenya Kosovo.

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  • International organizations slides
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