Opinion essay: Linking words/phrases

Opinion essay. Introduction. How to begin. A general statement? Generalising. Thesis statement. Giving opinions. Introduction. It is important not to make over-generalisations. Body paragraphs. Body paragraph (structureLinking words. (to start body paragraphsTopic sentences. Linking words. Giving examples. Conclusion.

General statement. 2. Supporting sentence. 3. Thesis statement. (Topic + your opinion).

In these days a lot of animal species are facing extinction. And there have been many debates discussing whether endangered species should be kept in captivity or not, but it is still a controversial question. It is my own opinion that it is wrong to keep endangered species in captivity for several reasons.

One wise man once said that home is a place where a person always wants to return. However, nowadays society often discusses what makes home an ideal place to live in. Things that make my home ideal are comfort, coziness and furnishing.

II. Viewpoint I + reasons/ examples To begin with,... III. Viewpoint II + reasons/ examples Moreover,... IV. Opposite viewpoint + reasons/ examples On the other hand, some people claim that...

Linking word/ phrase + Topic sentence. 2. Supporting sentence 1. (3. Linking word + Supporting sentence 2.).

To begin with,... In the first place,... 2. Another important thing... Another quality of... 3. Lastly, ... Finally,... Last but not least,...

Firstly, location is very important for many people and I think I live in a perfect place.

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  • Opinion essay: Linking words/phrases
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