English letter example (2)

English letter example (2).

First of all, when I hear words "strict discipline" first thing that comes into my mind is child abuse. Children who were abused in their childhood usually grows up sadists and maniacs. Strict discipline does not usually mean that your child will grew up a good person. Most times it is the opposite way.

Secondly, in my opinion the best way to grow up a child is to be honest, trustworthy with him. Best way to educate child is in normal ways without any shouting or any abuse against him. I do not believe that if child will be grown up with strict discipline, he will be successful, no, it is the other way around, they usually grow up like monsters and sometimes become murderers.

To sum up, strict discipline is not the best way to grow up a child and by any chance not a great value for everybody. In my opinion best way to grow up a child is by being calm and fair.

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