For and against essay: how to write?

For and against essay. Paragraph plan. Introduction. Arguments for ( advantages). Arguments against ( disadvantages). Phrases to introduce arguments for. Phrases to present disadvantages. Phrases to start justifications. Phrases to conclude ( last paragraph). Phrases to give opinion. Phrases to explain/ clarify.

Current situation Balanced consideration ( there are both positive and negative aspects of ) You cannot provide your opinion in the introduction.

Topic sentence ( do not start listing advantages without a topic sentence). It would be hard to deny that there are some arguments in favour of . The first argument in favour of is – its justification. Moreover/ in addition/ another argument for is - the justification of an argument Finally/ furthermore The justification of an argument.

Topic sentence The opponents of this view claim that there are numerous negative aspects of One serious drawback of is – the justification of an argument A further common criticism of is - justification Sceptics also point out justification of the argument.

One convincing argument in favour of A further positive aspect of Most people advocate the view that and maintain People support the view that.

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  • For and against essay: how to write?
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