Introduction. Discussion. History of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology in medicine. Nanotechnology in engineering. Nanotechnology in computing. Future of nanotechnology. Conclusion. Bibliography. Glossary.

Subject: Today great perspective; thousands of scientists are working to improve this technology every day. in the twenty first century, science is improving very fast. We can hear about new inventions and new researches every week. In my opinion most promising of all researches is nanotechnology, which has great perspective.

Objective: The purpose of this project is to explain everything about nanotechnology, how it works, how people can use it and what is the future of this technology.

In conclusion I want to say that nanotechnology is definitely our future, people will be cured with nanoparticles, computers will become more powerful every year, nanoparticles will flow through our blood vessels. I’ve reached all my goals, I found out everything why nanotechnology is good and why bad for humanity.

All in all, nanotechnology soon will become huge part of our world.

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