Technological card for wall panels

Technological card for wall panels.

Wall panels are mounted immediately after shipping to avoid storage. By the end of the work day if there are panels that are not yet mounted, they must be unloaded and stored accordingly. Panels are brought to the site in a vertical up right position and get strapped before the lifting process can begin. The wall panels are stored in a special facility, where the footing beneath is even and level. Supports under the panels must be not narrower than 20cm. Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 shows suspended panel.

The formula we use for the calculation of necessary water availability is:

In this formula, Z stands for the water supply regulated by law, depending on the size of working site. In this project, the area is not bigger than 10ha, so according to regulations we need a water supply of 10 l/s.

A – biggest amount of mounting works done per shift (from work flow diagram),

Zi – Water needed for one unit of mounting works,

kv – coefficient to express uncontrolled water losses per hour,

Zu = D · Znu· kv / (t · 3600),

D – biggest number of workers at site at any one time (from work flow diagram),

Znu – Need of water for one worker (25 l),

kv – uncontrolled water loss coefficient (with canalization- kv =3, without - kv = 2).

To calculate the necessary pipe diameter of the canalization installation the following formula is used:

V is the speed with which water flows through the pipe. Since 10.121 l/s is not a very large amount I choose the speed of 1.2 m/s, which leads to a minimum diameter of:

To calculate the need for accommodation we need to first calculate the effective number of workers and for that following formula can be used:

Dd is the maximum number of workers at the site. The coefficients kl, kt, kp express the number of lead-workers, supervisor and guards/cleaning personal respectively: kl =0.09, kt=0.03, kp=0.01.

To calculate the necessary accommodation area the following formula Pr=D·Kb·Np and table should be used:

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