Innovative building materials

Introduction. Building materials. Innovative materials. Cigarette Butts bricks. Nanotechnology in construction materials. D Printed constructions. Concrete printing. Translucent wood. Plywood Materials. Innovations in Lithuania. Double stronger gypsum. Eco-friendly insulation material. Conclusion. References. Words.

Moreover adapting new research and production technologies at the nano-level, today can be produced stunning results in discovering new or upgrading existing materials and constructions.

The percentage of cigarette butts addition is based on the purpose for which bricks are being used. This is because a high percentage of cigarette butts would lead to the reduction of brick dry density and compressive strength. This innovative method of brick production makes bricks more environmentally friendly product because it leads to decreased dumped cigarette butts and reduces energy used during brick production process.[9]

The uniqueness of KTU's invention is based on the harmonization of three waste-derived materials. According to KTU dean D. Vaičiukynienė, the added supplements increased the phosphogypsum compressive strength from 11 MPa to 22 MPa. This created material has much better mechanical properties, which are very significant in view of the fact that gypsum is commonly used in the construction industry. Its mechanical properties are therefore the most important feature of its quality.[5]

There are more than 180 thousand sheep currently grown in Lithuania. A large part of wool waste is disposed of in special dumps. Researchers at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) have found a way to use these wool waste in practice - they have decided to produce environmentally friendly thermal insulation materials.[5]

According to VGTU senior researcher S. Vėjelis, the results of the research showed that the material created from wool waste is ideal for use in the production of both thermal insulation materials and acoustic materials. In building constructions, these materials can be used for building interior partitions between rooms as sound absorbing layer, as well as for insulation of exterior walls, ceilings or roofs where load is not applied.[5]

After analyzing innovations in the construction sector, the following modern, innovative construction materials have been identified: cigarette butts bricks, transparent wood, aerogel, 3D materials, plywood.

After reviewing the growing technologies in Lithuania, it has been established that scientists have invented a double strong gibs that can replace conventional gypsum and nature-friendly insulation materials.

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