Nanotechnology in Sports

Nanotechnology in Sports. Where We Are. In the Midst of a Debate. Impact of Nanotechnology on Sporting Equipment’s. Market Potential. Human Ability versus Technology Doping. Conclusions.

Nowadays we are living in a world of technologies, which means that technologies is an essential part of our lives. And one of the future most promising technologies which is already started to take over the world we live in right now is Nanotechnologies. This text gives us information about one sphere of live it’s used for - Sports.

First of all the text introduces us to the definition of Nanotechnologies, and list’s the sports that it’s mostly effected by such as: tennis, skiing, swimming, cycling, and golf. Moreover from the text we learn what nanotechnology abilities was adapted to each sport and how it’s benefited each sport and athletes results using those innovative technologies. In addition text gives us information whether all those technologies doing more work than the actual athlete who is competing. In the text also mentioned WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) who is have its eyes on developments within the science community to ensure fairness in competition. Besides all that we come to the one of the most important parts of the text which is impact of nanotechnology in sports equipment. In this part of the text we learn about various equipment of each sport and how its performance and durability are being improved with the help of nanotechnology. We also learn about different Nano technologies that helps improve sports equipment and the main Nanotechnology advantages in sport equipment. Moreover from the text we learn about the market potential for the Nanotechnology enchanted sports equipment. We find out the revenue that is being made of Nanotechnology enchanted sports equipment in 2011 and learn what revenue is expected in 2016. Text also gives information about normal equipment cost and compares it to Nanotechnology enchanted one. Furthermore text gives us advantages of incorporated nanomaterials in sporting equipment’s. We find out about various Nano materials and how they benefit various sports equipment. Finally from the text we learn about human ability versus “Technology doping”. Text gives us information whether some athletes goes too far with technologies when competing, and in that way cheat against other athletes.

In conclusion we can say that Nano technologies really impacted the way sports is today, and because of those technologies various sports became even more interesting and popular today, but the most interesting stuff is awaiting in future.392 words.

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