Essay: Education should be free?

Essay Education should be free?

To introduce, the education, school is important for all person because they need to learn, then after 18 years old to work out and to have got selected her jobs.

To start, the education is a fundamental right who should be accessible to all person even for poor people because, in the world there is different country like in Africa where people can’t go to school for reason: it’s too long the way or the family don’t have got possibility to pay the schooling of her children and maybe because there is no school in the village or close of their homes.

To continuous, 44 % of girl and 34% of boy don’t have got luck to go at school and received education. Children who don’t go at school helped her parent’s to take care of her house. They work to earn money for her family. We can see this most of the time in the centre of Africa and also in Pakistan. For a people who don’t go to school is difficult for him because he’s different of other in relation to intelligence and knowledge. Even if he works, her job is completely different of his dream job because the work who children do require not a level of learning.

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