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School systems. No matter in. However it doesn’t mean that every country educates us in the same way. So today. Let’s start with the UK. Children in the. The education system in the UK is divided into four main parts. Primary education begins in the UK at age 5 and continues until age. From age. The education system. Once a student. Now let’s talk about Lithuanian school system. In Lithuania, general education is divided into the following stages. Primary education. Basic education. Secondary education.Primary education is. Basic education lasts for 6 years (ages 10/11 to 16/17The programme consists of two cycles 5th – 8th and 9th – 10th grades. Secondary education is made available to everybody who has successfully completed basic (lower secondary) education. Pupils who successfully complete the secondary education curriculum and pass the required examinations are awarded (Maturity CertificateGrading system. Foreign languages. Private schools. In England most schools offer a school uniform. Universities. Final thoughts. Which system do you prerfer?

No matter in witch country do we live, school is the place that we all have to go.

However it doesn’t mean that every country educates us in the same way.

So, today I am going to talk and compare school systems in 2 different countries – Lithuania and UK.

In Lithuania pupils study English, Russian, German, French, Latin.

In Lithuania there are about 60 private schools.

In Lithuania there are 23 universities. The most famous are Vilnius university, Vytautas Magnus University. These universities are in 500 place in the world best universities list.

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