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Contents. Online education - introduction. Online education pros. Online education cons. Which is more convenient between university and online education? Udemy - The leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. Conclusion. Bibliography.

Online education – introduction Online education pros Online education cons Which is more convenient between university and online education? Udemy - marketplace for learning and instruction Conclusion.

No need to travel/commute to a campus/university building (distance) Less expensive 24/7 access to educational material  No specific timeframe for completing a course (you can finish your course much faster because you are not obliged to attend all of the classes related to the course) Much more convenient to people who are not used to public speaking (you have much more time to think over what you want to say/write) Flexibility (you can get in touch with teachers whenever/however you want, thus being given the possibility to handle work and education matters nearly at the same time, not needing to be in two places at once).

Limited social interaction (difficult to develop teacher-student relationships, lack of physical communication) Lack of self-motivation – students may have a much harder time putting in effort with online education because they are able to do it 'at their own pace', this may lead to procrastination Technology problems (computer/internet access may be limited) Students may not have as many audio and visual resources to draw from when learning new material.

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