Dialogue about trial

Dialogue about trial.

JUDGE: The accused, Do you understand the complaint and admits that you is blame?

ACCUSED: I know whereof I am accused guilty confess. I admit to have performed the theft and assault

JUDGE : Kamile, please tell us about an event and all the other circumstances known to you.

ACCUSED: So Kalniečiai Park I was looking for the person who I could steal the phone and sell it to earn cash so I saw passing Erika and I thought that she terrified me and to give me her phone, so I pushed her

THE VICTIM LAWYER: Is the day you have been drunk or use of psychotropic substances?

ACCUSED : No, I am a minor so it illegal to me.

THE VICTIM LAWYER : You not only pushed Erika but also hit her in the nose and in the head, do you accepted?

ACCUSED: At that time, I experienced a shock so it turned out reflexively

ACCUSED: I grow up in a not wealthy family. I just want money , but but really I did not expect to suffer as a victim.

ACCUSED: Because I saw a run near me a person

JUDGE: We will survey the injured Erika. Before giving evidence in court you have to take the oath.

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