Dialogue about tornado

Dialogue about tornado.

V.I dont know what would i do if i had to experience a tornadoe. Its probably the scariest Natural disaster to me

V.The strong winds of a tornado can rip just about anything off of the ground including trees, vehicles, and even houses. People have been buried alive by houses or mud picked up and then dropped by a tornado. One tornado took a child’s bicycle and wrapped it around a tree! I hope I never have to face a tornado... Anyways, I dont want to talk about it anymore. Tell me, how was your trip to San Francisco?

J.I experienced an eartquake for the first time in my life. California is known to have many earthquakes because the San Andreas fault line runs directly through it.

J.She had a huge gash from the lamp falling on her head and she had to go to a hospital and get stiches.

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  • Dialogue about tornado
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