Dialogue at the mall

Dialogue at the mall.

A: Sorry, but we have already sold the 36 size of white dress. According to this I would like you to suggest this purple dress. This color now is on top and also we have many accessories, which will perfectly suit you.B: Thank you. I'll be right back!B: I really liked the red one, but this purple color is the most beautiful and it fits perfectly well... I haven’t seen more suitable dress!A: I would recommend the purple one too, as it goes perfectly well with your complexion and looks charming. During your special occasion you will look marvelous.B: Well, I will take it. Could you please get the new dress which wasn’t tried yet to the billing counter for me... A: Sure, I can. It'll take care of. Moreover, would you like to see our new collection of accessories? It looks really incredible and I think you will find something special.

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