Dialogue: school magazine

Dialogue: school magazine .

B: Yes, I believe it`s the affordable price for all pupils. Could you tell me more about your usual day at school?

A: So, my day at school starts at 8:30 a.m. with a cup of coffee or a tea, because in our school, we have our own kitchen, so there we can make some food or drinks. We have 2 lessons of one lesson, for instants: on Monday we have 2 history lessons, 2 English and 2 mathes, learning like this, we can more focus on the things we need to know. Then we always have 15 minutes brakes and we can go outside to supermarkets or a ‘Bernardinu‘ park. But we have 5 buildings of our school and most of the time in our brakes we need to go from one point to another, but these walking calms me down and helps to relax and just talk with my classmates. So, this is my usually day at school.

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