Creativity indexes

Creativity indexes.

Economists agree that skilled, ambitious, educated, and entrepreneurial people—whom they refer to as “human capital”—are a central force in economic progress today. Talent is measured as a combination of two factors. The first is the conventional measure of human capital based on educational attainment. The second is a measure of the Creative Class, which includes workers in fields such as technology, science, and engineering; business, management, and finance; design and architecture; arts, culture, entertainment, and media; law, healthcare, and education. Whereas, R. Florida for measuring talent index now counts only the Creative Class.

12 of the top 20 Gay Index regions continued to rank among the top 20 high-tech regions, and 10 of the top 20 Gay Index regions numbered among the top 20 centers for the Creative Class.

In 2010, Tolerance Index = Gay Index + Melting Pot Index + Integration Index.

Canada Ireland The Netherlands (83 % open to gays, 73% to minorities) New Zealand Australia Spain Sweden USA.

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