Marketing creativity

Introduction. Practical classes. Creative teams. Enterprise. Creative challenges. Conclusion. References.

Marketing - a business process during which the maker or manufacturer creates relationships with a customer by satisfying his needs. During the making of a product, the manufacturer looks through the aspects which can be included in the product so that a buyer can be satisfied by purchasing that product. Most manufacturers include the things in the product, which can help ease the life for their clients. Mostly, to create something that would help people, manufacturers think of daily life products and how to improve them. In this step the producers invoke creativity.

Creativity in marketing is one of the most important tools during the making of a product. Creativity also brings out the best qualities of the product, which let it stay in the market. The more creativity is used, the more attractive a product can become. What used to be using traditional channels and mastering, now it is all about innovations. By making a product more modern and with one than more functions there is a bigger possibility that it will attract more people. Since everything during the time changes, the manufacturers take advantage of the old products and improve them, in that way the old product stays, but at the same time it has everything that a person needs and it stays in the market.

Creativity is very important in many fields. During our practical classes, we had the opportunity to find out more about Creative Problem-Solving methodology, which helped us think of new ideas even if we thought we couldn’t be more creative. Quickly, we saw that thanks to all the techniques that we learned we could constantly develop our project and keep it as fresh as possible. Practical classes were divided into three different phases, after each we had some time to analyze our thoughts and write a summary with conclusions.

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