Business plan “V&G boutique”

Employers. Capital. Name. Mission. Location. Eco-friendly. Service. Quality. Swot. Employees. Skills. Stress managing. Financial crisis.

There are 23 employers in our company (10 sellers, 5 managers, 5 administrators, 2 accountants, 1 analyst). All of them are the specialists of their areas. Furthermore, we are more than happy to involve students to work in our company, to give them a chance to improve their skills in community and to obtain financial freedom.

The main problem at the start of our business was low capital. At the beginning, we decided to take out a loan. Luckily enough, we got the financial support from the European Union for our idea. Later, after we had hired only a few employees, our bussiness progressed very well, and we decided to hire more employers for the team. Our expensive, but high quality clothes and big interest of people allowed us to expand our bussiness further.LOGO/

For the LOGO we had a couple of ideas. First of all, we sketched it on the paper, then we sent our ideas to the graphic designer and let him decide which of our designs was more suitable. It looked simple, but people appreciated that. Our bussiness has been running for about 1 years and we are still happy with our LOGO.

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  • Business plan “V&G boutique”
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