Business networking Importance of business networking: questions and answers

Business networking. Importance of business networking. Mention some networking strategies. What are your views on networking. Working in groups the pros are. Training online pros. Individual training with a coach cons. ‚ Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. What is business ethics. Discuss some examples in terms of corporate social responsibility. What do managers do ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in small or big company ? Industrialization in developed countries be replaced by the predominance of the service industry ? Growth of service industries.

Business networking as I understand is a process in which a person tries to use his exciting contacts when he needs something for his business. And in business networking is very important not what you know, but who you know. Because people that around you, that you have a contact with can be useful in your business, but the main thing is how you successfully leverage your exciting contacts without appearing sleazy or manipulative.

In my opinion there is 3 most effective networking strategies:

Communicate - One of the most successful communication tactics is to periodically meet with people in the network face to face.  It’s much more personal, and much more fun too. And in that way you can also become closer, more open with the person and ofc get his trust.

My personal view of networking is very simple. Business is business and you must have lot of contacts in it, you need to have people in there that you could get what you want from them, that you could build your networking to the highest point.

I do prefer training in groups. Probably because I am a person that likes group works, that enjoys it. And if we talked about each of those format trainings’ – in groups, online or individual training with a coach pros and cons I could say that the most useful training would be in groups. And I choose it not because I like it. Working in groups the pros are: diversity of viewpoints, increased efficiency, results in common direction, it saves time. Cons are: It can lead to loss of resources, it can create conflicts among members.

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  • Business networking Importance of business networking: questions and answers
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