Child protection

Child protection.

to strengthen the power of health board to provide child care and family support;

home. She encouraged Luke to steal from neighbours, verbally and physically abusing him.

isolate himself from his school friends. Melissa convinced his teachers that his behaviour was

due to his grandmother becoming ill and so there was no further investigation.

Luke's grandmother died later that year and Melissa became his sole guardian. Her boyfriend

school; however signs of neglect became more noticeable. Luke had lost weight and his

Linguistic development is a process by which children learn to express themselves in words and to understand other people’s verbal, nonverbal language.

Actions to help Luke: Luke needs speech/language therapy. Need to join library, to read more books, to join group activities, play therapy and anger management.

J.Bowlby explains as follows: Humans baby is the most helpless of all brood, so he has congenital mechanism that helps to bond to the mother in order to survive. Sight fixation, crying, motion tracking, social smile is instinctive attachment factors that help to keep in touch with mother.

Attachment is important factor for child’s survival and development. High sensitivity to child’s needs and ability to meet his needs is very important to form sense of attachment.

Lack of trust in other people, rebellion against adult’s control, predisposition to aggression can occur if attachment process is destroyed. Possible sadness and feeling of inadequacy, feeling of confusion. These attachment problems and emotional sequences later become social problems. Child can have social adaptation problems.

After that Luke was exposed to negative attitude, fighting, neglect, violence. He was feeling sad, fair, anger. He didn’t feel love from his mother.

Child was afraid of his own mother. Grandmother was the only person Luke had attachment with, but after her death he felt very lonely, insecure. Boy became violent towards his friends and teachers. Teacher noticed that boy had become quiet and began to isolate himself from his school friends. It was nobody to show good example for Luke. His mother encouraged Luke to steal from neighbour, showing him bad example .Mother didn’t have any values, so boy couldn’t learn anything good from her.

Actions to help Luke: Luke needs foster care, needs order, counselling, play therapy, anger management

Luke didn’t have the best start of his live, due to his mother addiction to drugs he was born premature, low birth weight. After his birth mother left him with grandmother. At age of 7 grandmother became ill and Luke’s mother came back home. But child was exposed to neglect and abuse.

In given Luke study case it is said that boy was exposed to physical abuse as his mother and her friends were used to hit Luke.

Sexual abuse occurs when child is used by another person for his gratification or sexual purpose.

Sexual abuse is not mentioned in the given Luke’s case, but it could be big risk for it, because the doors of their house was widely open for disreputable people, and children as Luke are more vulnerable.

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