Science and social life

Science and social life.

The questionnaire draw the conclusion that students are spending a lot of time in social space. This leads to the impairment of not just communication, but also of everyone's personal health. Radioactivity radiated by electronic devices has negative impact on every living being, and it is not important at all that we do not feel it. Wireless internet is easy to use during the lectures, as every smartphone "catches" it. Students love it. According to Jonas Grigas, doctor of physical science, member of Lithuanian Science Academy, when internet is being used via a cable, it has no external radiations, and radiation strength of wireless internet is similar to the strength of microwaves irradiated by mobile phones. Thus use of internet in mobile phones harms not the person who is doing this but also those surrounding him. According to Jonas Grigas, mobile phones are irradiating microwaves with 1-1,5 watts strength. These microwaves penetrate into the larger part of our brain and affect the brain cells. The functioning of brain cells as well as functioning of our brain is being impaired.

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