Human rights and social work

Human rights and social work. What rights are human rights? Implementing human rights. Historical development of human rights. Human rights are. Human dignity. Three perspectives on human rights. Three generations of human rights. Human rights generations and social work. Principles of economic human rights practice. Aspects of community strengtening. Phisophical basics of human rights in social work practice. Theoretical backgrounds of child rights. Basic principles of child right protection.

Human rights can be defined as such rights which are natural and without which we couldn‘t live as humans. Human rights and basic freedoms allow us to develop and fulfill our human traits, our mind, talents, and needs. They are based on ever increasing human demands towards life where dignity and value of each person are protected and respected.

Social work in it‘s essence is a profession directly connected with human rights, seeing the value of each person and taking as it‘s aim the enforcement of equal social structures which provide people with dignity, security and development.

Only chosen values endure. No one can force such a culture on anyone. People must see that human rights principles can create a socially just world. 2. Major impetus for human right education from grammar school to post-secondary levels. 3. Social work ought to integrate in its profession fundamental human rights principles, which will have implications for practice. 4. Social work must engage in dialogue across disciplines and with other health professions that have similar human rights commitments. 5. Groups interested in human rights can sponsor bills and other initiatives. 6. We need global distributive justice to become justiciable not just aspirational right. 7. We need compassion, vision, courage and hope.

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  • Human rights and social work
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