Business plan for a clothing shop

Business plan for a clothing shop.

The customer would have a wide variety of goods to choose from. You could buy directly from the physical shop or order it online to be delivered to you by courier or mail. Some products would be manufactured locally so mainly t-shirt printing. Items like belts and other smalls would be from original foreign shops. It would mainly be B2C business and there is a possibility to sell the products in local clubs, bars.

With the way industry works now trends change constantly and unpredictably. My idea has the strength of adaptability. With no constant design the business can go with what is popular at the moment.

In a regular clothing store the consumer chooses from whatever is provided to him. My companies’ idea would allow them to choose what is on their t-shirt. They can suggest their own design or explain it and have it drawn by one of the designers.

Scalability will mostly be effected by the will of the owners. The internet shop at the start can reach a wider audience than the physical shop and is much more accessible. As for the physical shop it is more difficult to extent its range. At the start there will be only one shop, with a limited amount of consumers but as the business evolves the physical shop can be extended to other cities to reach new markets.

The main revenue will be generated from t-shirt sales later on selling smalls and similar things.

A mission statement is a written clear declaration of the organizations main purpose and focus. According to Patrick Hull mission statement must answer four questions:

So according to these four question my mission statement is:

It is a one-sentence statement describing companies inspirational and desired change idea. Considering this the company’s statement is:

For the start management would be done solely by the owner. The owner would be responsible for the growth of the business. He would do all the day-to-day activities. This would be the case for a couple of years after that depending on how much the company has grown a management board would be established to help with different activities.

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