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Quality management. About glitteeerworland company. Lithuanian clothing retailer. Based in Lithuania and online shopping. Glitteeerworland company's enterprise. The Lithuanian clothing. Patricija Liucija Gedminaite CEO. Administrative Assistant. Our mission and vision. GLITTEEERWORLAND is passionate and innovative wholesale blank T-shirt manufacturer and distributor in the Lithuania. Our goals. To be the biggest apparel manufacturer in the world. Glitteeerworland. GLITTEEERWORLAND practices fast fashion – trends moves from the runway to stores within weeks. Prising strategy common. Low-price strategy (a cost leadership strategy. Strategy implementation. Glitteeerworland is focusing. What's the plan. Develop core clothing. Thank you.

The Lithuanian clothing retail group, opened it's first store in 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania Founder – Patricija  Liucija Gedminaite Brand Ambassador – Adriana Lima  6 stores in Lithuania 3 more stores soon will opened in Latvia, Estonia & Switzerland Collection mainly produced in Turkey & Lithuania  Turnover 2million Euros 2017.

Low-price strategy (a cost leadership strategy, low cost what gives low prices) Set price equal to cost plus a target margin  External suppliers The high turnover of products Just-in-time production (JIT).

Develop core clothing line - PHASE 1:Design and Merchandising - PHASE II: Planning and sourcing - PHASE III: Producing and Marketing - PHASE IV: Distribution - PHASE V: Sales and Analysis BUILD brand awareness and develop marketing strategy for mass production Establish branding for core line, begin focus on additional categories:intimate apparel –women, athletic wear, swimwear, denim wear and leather goods and accessories.

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