Bible dialogue essay

Bible dialogue essay.

According to James Kroeger nature is the biggest source of threat in primate cultures while in advanced countries we feel biggest threat from other people rather than from nature (James J. Kroeger, 2013). In modern societies people are greedy, jealous they tend to get aggressive and use physical and psychological violence so no wonder that just watching the news or from other people we can hear about murders and abuse happening in our countries, local areas and families we know. And this is just something made by individuals. More and more we hear about violent acts made by groups of people wars going and new ones staring. But why is this happening when we live in a modern day society that can satisfy any of our needs? Some say that human are violent by nature but not everyone think that.

Two anthropologists Douglas Fry and Patrik Soderberg of Abo Akademi University in Vasa, Finland did a research where they studied 148 violent events that happened about 10,000 years ago. Out of all studied cases only few were close to definition of war.

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  • Bible dialogue essay
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