History of Kaunas picture gallery

History of Kaunas picture gallery.

Kaunas picture gallery, as the branch of M. K. Čiurlionis art gallery was opened in 1979, after Kaunas received the large exposition from one of the most famous lithuanian collector Mykolas Žilinskas. This exposition was consisted of 1,600 pieces of art. Authors of this building are architects Liucija Gedgaudienė and Jonas Navakas. This architectural piece of art is interesting and appealing to the eye, because it was formed as a broken rectangle.

In the first floor of Kaunas picture gallery are exhibition hall, lobby, cloakroom and coffee shop. In the second floor there are three exhibition halls and auditorium for the events. In the top floor of this building there are four massive exhibition halls. Till these days there are still authentic interior in the lobby, which decorated with original furniture, chandeliers and wood trim elements.

The entrance to the museum is highlighted with Jadvyga Mozūraitė-Klemkienė‘s sculpture "Creator" (1987). In 2007 one wall of the gallery was decorated with drawing by famous brazilian street artists brothers Os Gémesi.

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