IT technology in arts

IT in arts. Benefits, perspectives, potential threats. Nothing else has helped to transform activities such as painting. It in arts and its benefits. Technology offers something that young aspiring authors always desired - untouched grounds to explore. The impact of technology in art. Ms. Coughlin, a theatre production teacher. Technology has also impacted the music industry. David McLeod. David McLeod. Stephen Mcmennamy. Stephen Mcmennamy splices together photographs of wildly unrelated objects to form new. Nik Ainley. UK Digital Illustrator. Erik Johansson. Erik Johansson is a photographer who depicts surreal imagery. To sum up, the benefits and perspectives are numerous. Concerns are raised that by constantly altering and reproducing art. In the end of the day. The arts were practiced even before technology was used.

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  • IT technology in arts
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