Japanese Art presentation

Japanese art. Jōmon Art. Elan De Luca. Jōmon Art. Yayoi Art. Elan De Luca. Yayoi Art. Kofun Art. Elan De Luca. Kofun Art. Asuka & Nara Period. (552-784Isabella Esser. The Origins. The Buddhist Core. Buddhist Art, cont. Architecture, Important Structures. Architecture. The Daibutsuden. Contemporary Japanese Art. Heian Art. (794 – 1185Leanne White. Early Heian Art. Buddhist Architecture. The Rise of the Fujiwara Family. Fujiwara Architecture. Kamakura art. Savanth Reddy. Kamakura Period. Sculpture. Calligraphy and Painting. Muromachi art. (1338–1573Saori Colombo. Muromachi Period. Art Paintings. Artists. Reading in a Bamboo Grove. Landscape of the Four Seasons. Architecture. Momoyama Period. (1573-1615Jeff Tidona. Momoyama Period. “Meeting of Emperor Wen and Fisherman Lü Shang”. The Edo Period. (1615–1868Ryan Smith. How it Began. Woodblock Printing. Otani Oniji II (1794Toshusai Sharaku. Painting. Rough Waves. Ogata Korin. The Great Wave at Kanagawa. (from a Series of Thirty-Six Views of Mount FujiDaimyô Wedding Set. Th century. Prewar Art. Elan De Luca. Prewar Art. Postwar Period. End of World War II, Sophie Kaplan. Art. Influences. Entertainment Contributions. Anime.

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