Alkava company

Alkava company.

For "International Children's Day" in 2007 June 2 day made ​​the biggest cake in Lithuania.

In 2010 December 5 day PLC "Mega" was celebrating 5th birthday.

„Alkava“ production factory is located in Kaunas, Šilainiai district.

1. “Alkava” partnership in Ghana; 2. “Alkava” partnership in Poland.

We can offer many different types of confectionery and healthy food; We have some foreign partners and we are expanding our activities; We give job for many people; The prospects for promotion in baking arts are good; We offer best prices.

Competing with other bakeries; Requirement of big investments into employees courses and for accommodation rent; We destroy forest trees because we make cake boxes from paper; We pollute air because of steams which are going from factories.

We provide development opportunities for our employess. It‘s not a secret, that after sometime work start to get tired of, same workplace, becomes wearing routine. So we organizing internal or external training, where employees can improve their skills, raise the qualification.

Our vision is that we want to be first choice for everyone. Also we will try to be European confectionery product concern, which it preferred.

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