Herbs farms

Objective To prepare. What is a herb farm? An herb farm is usually a farm where herbs are grown for market sale. Growing process. Soil Most herbs prefer a well drained. Greenhouses/nurseries Greenhouse production allows for year-round growing of herbs. Greenhouse. Important factors for. Pest and disease control Options for controlling pests of the herb farm are insecticides. Aphids whiteflies. Options for controlling diseases of the herb farm are fungicides. Botrytis mildew rusts. Seeds and cutting/types. Farming systems. Herb farms can range from in-house gardening hobby. Economics. The concept of starting up your own small. Conclusion. So Herb farm is unconventional and environmentally friendly farming. Thank you for your time.

Objective: To prepare a presentation about herbs farms Goals: To present a herbs farm Tell about herbs farms growing process, farming systems and economics.

So Herb farm is unconventional and environmentally friendly farming, increase employment in rural areas and the development of competitive farming.

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  • Herbs farms
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