Orchids - widely distributed in the world orchid (Orchidaceae) family of plants, which include over 800 genera and more than 25 thousand. species of plants, but constantly being discovered more new species. Orchids grow on every continent except Antarctica; mountains, meadows, damp forests, savannahs, deserts, etc. Naturally, these plants - epiphytic, grows on a variety of tree roots and stems, is also growing on the stones. Rooms also the favorite for growing orchids is a longtime plant breeders result.

Replantation  Lightly press the pot that the roots of orchids from the start when the walls. Cut the dead roots. Bottom of the pot to pour a drainage layer, then placed the orchid roots and poured substrate. The substrate is added to the lower leaves. Surface can stay Path. Transplant 1 or 2 days douse.

Racemes Inflorescence to be tethered to the rails, if the stalk is over 15 cm in length.

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