Agriculture Cultivation

Key words. Cultivation- auginimas Enhace- pagerinti. What agriculture means? It is the. History. The history of agriculture dates back thousands of years. Emerging agricultural technologies. Agriculture is changing, and the pace of change is getting quicker. Agribots. The prime movers in the agricultural revolution are robots. Precision agriculture. Farming management based on observing (and responding to) intra-field variations. Crop sensors terrestrial. Farm-based biofactories. LED indoor crop technology. Light recipes’ for indoor crops and any-season-farming technology. Does the agriculture. Food is the main source in our life and economy. Sources of information.

Key words. Cultivation- auginimas Enhace- pagerinti, sustiprinti Domesticated- priaukintas Irrigation- drėkinimas Crop rotation- sėjomaina Precise- tikslus, aiškus Terrestrial- sausumos Airborne- oro Nutrients- maisto medžiagos Harvest- derliaus nuėmimas, derlius.

Does the agriculture is an indispensable part of the world’s economy that provides the principal means of livelihood?

Food is the main source in our life and economy. Agriculture is inseparable part of our life, because the food is grown owing to farming.

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