Žemaitijos pienas jsc capital structure analysis

Žemaitijos pienas jsc capital structure analysis .

The most honoured product of the company – the legendary „Džiugas“ cheese – became a winner of many national and international exhibitions. In the Superior Taste Award competition in Brussels this cheese was twice (in 2011 and in 2013) awarded two stars out of three for its first impression, taste, smell, texture, and appearance.

In May 2013, this legendary cheese also reigned over the Asian continent. In the International Food and Beverage Exhibition SIAL China this product of Samogitian cheese makers was awarded Sial Inovation 2013 Grand Prix. Not a single food processing company from Lithuania had previously been awarded such a prize.

On 8 May 2013 – on„Džiugas“ name-day, an unheard and unseen festival Džiugsdienis (Džiugas Day) was held in the newly opened „Džiugas“ House, which opened its door in Telšiai. During the festival, the first DŽIUGAS cheese certification took place as well. This is the sixth such House in Lithuania: even 4 of them are located in Vilnius, and one – in the port city Klaipėda.

In the „Džiugas“ House you will find not only a wide range of hard cheese „Džiugas“ of different ripening phases, which for the fourth year in a row in the competition, organized by the Association of Lithuanian Trade Enterprises was recognized as the best-selling cheese in Lithuania. Here you also can enjoy coffee, savoury candies, cake, spreads, cakes, new ice-cream with „Džiugas“ cheese, nut dessert „Riešutainis“, suitable for „Džiugas“ wine or bitter liqueur with bee propolis.

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