The Caribbean Express

The Caribbean express. Mission / goals / vision. Values. Competative advantage. Activities of the company. Example of places. One of tour examples. Activities. Tour details. Tour information. Place of the office. Sustainable develompent. Structure, size, recruitment process and motivational plan, organisational culture. Promotional tools, target market. Competitor analysis. Sales promotion. Swot analysis. Pest analysis. Conclusion. Thank you for your attention! Sources.

Mission: Providing an unique travelling experience in the Caribbean region. Goals: To be the most successful company in Lithuania that is based on trips to the Caribbean in the next 5 years. Working hard, exploring and researching the market and attracting clients will lead to success. To make as much as possible new connections in the Caribbean region (hotels, guest houses and etc. Looking for new partners so that our clients would have larger range when choosing accommodation, car, food and etc. Extending our business to Latvia, Poland and furthermore in the future. Trying to reach a foreign audience by promoting our company on social media (facebook, Instagram), creating our own and very detailed website in English and Russian languages. Vision: Our mission is to become the best travel agency in Lithuania that offers specified trips to exotic places such as the Caribbean and maybe other destinations in the future.

Values: Honesty – our agency is based on honesty and providing the best possible experience that the client could have, we only work with fair and competitive market prices. Quality – to offer the best quality and the most unique trips to our clients.

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