What to see in Lithuania?

What to see in Lithuania. Castles , fortresses and installations. Cities of Lithuania. Religious Sites in Lithuania. Hill of Crosses. Vilnius Old Town. Other boroughs of Vilnius. Towns of Lithuania. Castles and fortresses in Lithuania. Medieval brick castles. Trakai Island Castle. Now in Belarus. Three such castles are built near the Nemunas , west of Kaunas. Compact hidden installations. Plokštinė Soviet nuclear missile base. Museums of Lithuania. Rumšiškės Ethnographic Museum. Samogitian Museum „ Alka “ in Telšiai. The Living Museum in Pakruojis Manor. National Art Gallery. Museum of Archeology. Museum of religious art. Čiurlionis Art Gallery. Kretinga Museum is housed. Museums of genocide and resistance. The Amber Museum. The Museum of Lithuanian history. The Museum of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Museum of Lithuanian folk musical instruments. The Museum of Basketball. The Marine Museum. The Museum of Ethnocosmology. The Cold War Museum and the Missile Base in Plokštinė. Energy and Technology. Cold War spy equipment. Memorial museums are. Popular itineraries in Lithuania. The Curonian Spit. The Hill of Crosses. Rumšiškės open air museum. Plokštinė Soviet missile base. Nature of Lithuania. The National Park of the Curonian Spit Kuršių nerija. Delta of the Nemunas. Valley of this river. The National Park.

Almost every Lithuanian settlement, a town and a larger village, has a church. There is even a separate Lithuanian word meaning a church-town "Village with a Catholic church" (bažnytkaimis).

Visaginas and Elektrėnai were conceived and built by the Soviets together with a major power plant nearby.

20th-century mobile warfare and air force advances made them supplanted by compact hidden installations, manned by several soldiers. Such buildings may be found in woods near Vilnius (built by the Poles in the 1930s) and the underground Plokštinė Soviet nuclear missile base in Samogitia (built by the Soviets). In the forests, you may also see modest secret bases of Lithuanian anti-Soviet partisans. There were makeshift defensive installation of partisans (earthwork damp home) deep forests.

Kretinga Museum is housed in the nice palace of Count Tiškevičius with a winter garden.

Thematically, the most “Lithuanian” museums are the Amber Museum (inside the Palace of noblemenTiškevičiai), the Museum of Lithuanian history (inside Trakai Island Castle), the Museum of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (inside the Grand Dukes‘ Palace in Vilnius), the Museum of Lithuanian folk musical instruments (in Kaunas Old Town), the Museum of Basketball (in Joniškis).

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