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Lithuania. Table of content. Flag colors meanings. Emblem of the Republic of Lithuania. Lithuanian President. Statistic of Lithuania. Currency – EURAS ( € ). We a famous with a beautiful lakes. Lithuania food and traditions. Weaving. Trakai national park. Zemaitija national park. The kursiu nerija national park. The hill of crosses. About Lithuania. Short quiz. How Lithuania flag look like? In which year did Lithuania gain actual independence from the Soviet Union? What are the colours of the Lithuanian flag? Who was elected president of Lithuania in 2003?

Flag colors Emblem of the Republic of Lithuania Statistic of Lithuania Currency – EURAS ( € ) Lakes Rivers Lithuania food and traditions Weaving Trakai Žemaitija Kuršių Nerija Hill of crosses.

Golden fields Green countrysides Blood that had been shed for Lithuania.

Area – 65,2 thausand km Population – 3,5 milion of witch: Lithunia 83,4% Polish 6.7% Russia 6.3%Capital – Vilnius.

The current capital of Lithuania? Vilnius Biržai Kaunas.

Green red blue Yellow green red Black pink red.

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