Hotel review Paris Hotel „Eiffel Turenne“

Hotel review Paris Hotel „Eiffel Turenne“.

First hotel I recommend is Hotel Eiffel Turenne. It’s a small and not very expensive hotel located in the centre of the city. It is just a 10-minute walk away from the main tourist attractions. It offers single and double rooms but also dorms, for those traveling on a really tight budget. There is free Wi-Fi and a spacious common room where it is possible to meet other travelers or just have fun with your friends and family. Also, sometimes local bands play live at the hotel restaurant, which makes it very suitable for those who want to discover local music. On the other hand, for this reason I would not recommend the hotel to light sleepers and it’s very strange but they, in the rooms, don’t have air conditioners that makes sometimes feel little uncomfortable if it’s hot day. As for the staff, they are very friendly and competent - not only do they know a lot about the most touristic aspects of the city but also about parties and social events.

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