Type of business, purpose and ownership

Type of business, purpose and ownership.

This table shows different types of supermarkets has number of products with various promotions. This table also helps indentifying the percentages of all products that these supermarkets produce. From the table customer who shops at Sainsbury’s on average can save up to £1.06 whereas customer who goes to Tesco can save up to 72p. Last but not the least Asda is leading with their most products on promotions which savings the customer money more than Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s on average 53p per promo.

Oxfam concentrates on three important areas of work to have the biggest possible way to make a difference for poor people worldwide,:

Oxfam dedicated themselves doing amazing work together. By saving lives and making differences in lives Oxfam still put poor people in charge in their lives and livelihoods.

Selling product or service at low price to make the most profit.

To Work and support towards people to save their lives.

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