Business and culture differences

Sumarry. Table and images list. Introduction. Work tasks. Body. Differences between lithuanian and sweden business man. Communication. Customs. Language barriers. Target audience. Technology. Politics. Culture in business. Image The Lewis Model. Table. Table Second type. Table. Sorces of information. Vocabulary.

Everyone in the world have a different view of business and each countries culture. It is important to know each differences before making deal. A good manager has to take time to learn about those parties that are involded their cultural differences and language barriers.

First of all, when doing business it is important to consider about body language. This includes basic customs, mannerisms and gestures. Appropriate actions and gestures may lead to being better liked by a costumer.

Secondly, when interacting with people from different cultures, language barriers become really important. In some countries it is not acceptable if you speak loudly or aggressively, but in other countries this tone of speech means that you are manageable and serious dealing. So type of communication can affect business deal.

All in all, a good manager has to understand cultural differences and overcoming language barriers so in that way it will be easier to make a successful deal with other cultures people.

Business and culture differences is important for people who want to work with different countrys, different cultures and people.

Culture differences between countrys makes work harder if other country doesn‘t try to understand and adapt.

Our work goal is to find out what kind of culture differences are in the world. What kind of business differences are in the market. Also what kind of differences are between the managers of difference countrys.

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