Leisure places in Vilnius

Leisure places in Vilnius.

Neris - the second largest Lithuanian river, the length of 510 kilometers. In Lithuania, the river flows from Belarus and flowing to Kaunas, where it turns into the Nemunas river. Kayaking in Neris ideal for various celebrations or a trip with colleagues and friends. Kayaking in Neris is suitable(tinkamas) families with small children, because the river is quiet, easy flowing currents and it is almost impossible to tip over or stranding stones.

Belmont Adventure Park - is a new entertainment option for residents and guests of the city of Vilnius. Equipped with a unique location, Pavilniai Regional Park, adventure Park offers visitors the extreme entertainment and wellness center Belmont combination. The Park is situated on the left bank of Vilnelė, about 40 meters above the picturesque(vaizdingas) valley of the Belmont. Visitors overcoming adventure park can admire the picturesque center of Belmont and the surrounding landscape panorama.

Bicycle tour - probably the best use of to get to know the city. Whether on a bicycle you can visit much more than walk, as well as the experience more than just watching the city through the bus windows.

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