The McDonald Company

The McDonald‘s Company. Aim and goals. History. The company‘s activities. Mission. Vision. Values. The Headquarters. Management structure. Career ar McDonald‘s. Departments. Hamburger University. Annual sales. S. W. O. T. The company's future plans. Employee career opportunities. (In EuropeConclusion. Thank you for your attention!

Aim: To find out about McDonald‘s company. Goals: Review over McDonald‘s history. To find out McDonald‘s plans, vision, missions. Discuss about McDonald‘s education system.

The McDonald‘s is US Company – one of the largest and most famous fast food producer in the world. It is a global business that operates on a local scale in every community where they do business. The company’s core is the production, marketing, and selling of many of the world’s most beloved burgers, fries etc. Globally, it is No.2 provider of fast food. Company makes and sells burgers, fries, beverages etc. The fast food giant sells around 6,5 million burgers a day.

It is like a compass for their actions. It describes how they behave in the world. 1. Sustainability priorities 2. Good food 3. Good sourcing 4. Good planet 5. Good people 6. Good community 7. Quality 8. Leadership.

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