The court process

Whole Court process.

She came up to my door What did miss Beata tell you

I didnt call the police becouse mr beata says that it was her fault medical bills and property damage

Objection your honor and moved to strike that last bit was argumentative non-responsive and prejudicial not to mention hearsay councel only asked her if she called the police

Stipulates that the estimated cost of repairs to miss paynes automobile is 1,800 dol

Thank you your honor doctor famer you previously mentioned that you took ms pains history regarding the accident when she first visited you right? / and when a patient tells you what happend to her you preetyy much have to take her word for word dont you / and when was pain told you what she did for a living what she did in her daily life he took her word for that too didnt you / doctor you testified that there have been many degenerative changes in ms paynes neck a weakening of the muscles isnt that right? Would you agree with me that the degenerative changes are significant ? / now is it your testimony doctor that mr paynes degenerative condition was cause by the accident Jun / you mentioned though that as a waitress mis payne is required to lift heavy trays of food and dry isnt that right ? then dr femur isnt it possible that miss payne could have herniated the disc in her neck due to the repetitive nature of the heavy lifting and the the herniated disc could have caused a degenerative condition of her neck? So dr. Femur what you‘re simply telling the jury is that you relied entirely on what ms payne chose to tell you regarding the history of her injuries when you determined her medical condition / thank you doctor thats all i have your honor.

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  • The court process
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