Marketing: Promotion The marketing communication process

Marketing. Promotion. The marketing communication process. Marketing. Marketing meaning and the basic function. The marketing concept. The marketing mix. (4p’sThe marketing process. Market segmentation. Market segmentation benefits. Promotion. Promotion meaning. The many uses of promotion. The promotion mix. The marketing communication process. Communication process. Elements of communication process. Communication process steps. Summary. Vocabulary. The marketing crossword. Crossword answers.

It helps to increase profits; The budget may be calculated easier; Gives the company stronger control of the market; It allows resisting competitors more successfully; The S.W.O.T. analysis may be done more precisely.

Increase sales; Attract new costumers; Create awareness; Inform; Create an image; Position a product; Encourage customer loyalty.

Marketing means presenting, advertising and selling the company‘s products or services in the best possible way; The Marketing Concept is to supply exactly what the customers want, by offering them the right Marketing Mix; Marketers need segmentation, because they will walk away with a better company and a higher profitability; One of the promotion aim is to explain the potential benefits of using the product; The marketers should focus on the Marketing Communication Process steps in order to attract a huge portion of long run customers.

Across: 1.The goods and services that businesses sell. 5. A form of promotion commonly found on television or radio. 7. Distribution of goods through shops. 8. The marketing the name given to all the Four P's together. 10. A distinctive name, symbol, logo or combination of these that is recognised by customers as being distinctive from the competition.

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